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About Richard

I reluctantly started practicing Yoga in 2007 when my heavily pregnant wife gave up her place in one of Jackie’s classes and convinced me to take it after a great deal of persuasion – she never got the place back.

Steadily over those years Yoga has become an indispensable part of my life and I have found myself incorporating the practice into everyday life as I became more aware of how my body and my breathing behaves.

During the pandemic I greatly missed the 1-2-1 practice and it reinforced just how important Yoga practice was to me. I concluded that perhaps the best way to ensure that Yoga stayed in my life was to start teaching it. I embarked on an apprenticeship with Jackie in 2020 and started teaching my first class in January 2023. Like many classes it has students with a wide range of abilities and even in this short time, I have loved seeing students making progress.

I strongly believe that the body holds on to its experiences, both good and bad, and that over the years this is reflected in the way we move and hold ourselves. Bodies, especially older bodies have a lot to say and Yoga is our opportunity to listen and understand and change. There is so much in Yoga that everyone can use, take away and embed into their life and I look forward to having Yoga alongside me for the rest of mine.

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