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About Gilly

I came to yoga in 1998 as a busy mum of two, in need of some relaxation and ‘me’ time; not really knowing what to expect.  Immediately I felt I had discovered something that made complete sense to me.  I found myself looking forward to my weekly lessons and trying a little at home also.  I quickly noticed that practising yoga had physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

 I became much more bodily aware, and was able to transfer the relaxation and breathing techniques into my everyday life.

My practice and knowledge deepened over the years.  I had three further children and felt that yoga had a positive effect on those pregnancies and deliveries.

After the birth of my last child I began to explore the chance to teach yoga to others, so they too could experience the positive changes I had.

Under the on-going careful tutorage of Jackie, I have been teaching yoga since April 2009, and have found it to be a rewarding and enjoyable journey. I never cease to marvel as students progress with their own practice and also at the sheer diversity of the human body and mind. I take full advantage whenever possible to attend yoga workshops given by inspirational and valued teachers like John Stirk, Bill Wood and Gary Carter to further enhance my teaching and experience.

More recently I have taken the opportunity of teaching Yoga in a care home for adults with various disabilities, this experience has fully endorsed my belief that Yoga is very enriching for people from all walks of life.

I see yoga as a true friend that stays with you through all stages of your life; able to accommodate illness or injury.  Overall in today's fast pace of life, I feel yoga gives us back some control of our physical and emotional self. It helps us to appreciate that the destination of our lives is not important compared to what we do on the journey.

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