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About Alison

Yoga has been a part of my life since I started attending regular weekly classes in 2000. After finishing full time employment in a stressful corporate environment, it was a time for me to take a new direction with my work, and I decided to try something new in the extra free time that this opened up for me. At that stage, I had no idea where it would lead me.

Since I discovered Jackie’s classes in 2003, Yoga started to gradually play an increasingly important role in my life, on a physical as well as a mental and spiritual level. I noticed a key shift take place when I started to devote more time to yoga and my daily yoga practice. I started to experience changes, not only physically, but in the way I approached and was able to cope with life situations.

I have had the privilege of undertaking a one to one apprenticeship with Jackie to train as a qualified yoga teacher. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor, who says herself that you never stop learning. I have also enjoyed working with other Scaravelli teachers such as Gary Carter, Pete Blackaby and Bill Wood.

My teaching is influenced by the experience I have had as a classroom teacher and more recently running classes for new mothers with their babies, as well as learning from inspirational yoga teachers who understand that yoga is so much more that placing our bodies into recognised poses. I love watching the positive changes that yoga brings about when someone first starts on their yoga journey, and I have a deep passion for teaching yoga to beginners. Yoga is about listening to your body and working with it rather than against it. When this all comes together through focus, calm and relaxation, then there is space for change to take place.

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