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No actual classes are available at the moment due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but as soon as venues become available we will be offering Yoga classes.


For £10 weekly, you will have access to 6 classes per week from 5 experienced teachers, lasting for 1½ hours each.  Notice that there is no longer a Thursday evening class, as Gilly is back to her Monday 7.45pm slot.  Recordings will be available if the times are not convenient, especially if you liked working with both Karen and Gilly.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact me.

14 September – 19 October – 6 weeks – Cost £60
Half Term week commencing 26 October
2 November – 7 December – 6 weeks – Cost £60

 Monday 7.45pm – Gilly
Monday – 8pm - Karen
Tuesday – 7.30pm - Raksha
Wednesday – 10am – Alison
Wednesday – 7.30pm – Jackie
Friday – 10.30am – Jackie

NOTE: Payment needs to be received latest by Saturday 12 September and before would be appreciated
All live stream links will be sent out by 7pm on the Sunday before the Zoom week.
Payment via cash through my door or bank transfer 09-01-28 18051129

14 The Uplands, Ruislip HA4 8QN
Mobile 07876 207408

HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE - All new students will be required to complete the health questionnaire - PDF - WORD